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Title: Possibility of Monetizing YouTube using a Nigerian postal address,etc ?
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Aug 24, 2018
Good evening everyone,

I recently came across an information that it is possible now to create a YouTube channel using Nigerian postal address and other Nigerian details.

This same Nigerian YouTube channel can also be monetized according to the source I came across.

My concern is whether this is true.

If it is and anyone has made profit from this provision, please could you mention the guidelines you used. And also the likely sum they pay to Nigerian youTubers living in Nigeria.

Thank you.
Title: Re: Possibility of Monetizing YouTube using a Nigerian postal address,etc ?
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Sep 07, 2018
Yes its very possible to earn with youtube in Nigeria with your Nigerian details, the only problem is that the eligibility requirements were made more difficult in January 2018.

Youtube belongs to Google too and the Youtube monetization is also tied to Google adsense too so since you can do adsense from nigeria you can do youtube too. When you sign up as a member on youtube with your gmail address, you can create channels and start uploading videos. But you will not be able to apply for monetization until you have more than 1000 subscribers and in the last 12 months your videos were watched for a duration of more than 4000 hours.

When you meet this criteria you can apply for ads monetization and if approved you will get access to an adsense account through which you can receive payment with most nigerian accounts whether savings or current or domiciliary.

See more about the requirements here:

So now if you want to make money with youtube in nigeria, the biggest challenge is not whether you can do it from Nigeria (because yes you can),  the challenge is how to pass their minimum requirements.

To get 1000 subscribers is not easy if you don't have lots of money to spend on paid promotion. If you don't have lots of money (actually only mostly big companies do), then You will need to create a lot of videos and be consistent with it and also with the promotion and marketing online and social media and the videos have to be original, you cant just upload videos you downloaded from elsewhere. If you are lucky and your videos go viral then things will be much easier. But videos going viral are very very rare compared to the number of videos being posted everyday.

Most individuals who succeed are people who make videos on or related to things that they love and are passionate about.  And are also lucky to have lots of other people who are passionate or seek information and content relating to this passion.

Regarding earnings, youtube doesn't pay much unless you have hundreds of thousands of views and what they pay depends on where the person watching the video is located.

You will make more from european and american viewers so if your videos appeal to people living in these places you will generally make more. But if your content is only relevant to people living in Nigeria at that time then most of your viewers will likely be from nigeria and you will earn less than if they were from Europe and USA.

As a very rough estimate, for a channel of 10,000 subscribers and new videos posted once or twice a week, you can make between N20,000 - N50,000 monthly from Google ads on your videos. You can make much more if you can strike a direct deal with companies to promote their products to your followers. You can also promote affiliate products to your followers and in your videos to earn more.
Title: Re: Possibility of Monetizing YouTube using a Nigerian postal address,etc ?
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Oct 24, 2018
 Thank you so much for the reply.