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Title: The Spirit of the Living God
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on May 22, 2018
The spirit of the living God shall dwell with you, His divine blessing and good treasures are yours. God loves you, His shield is upon you always and His Angels are surrounding you always in Jesus name. As the North is far from the South so shall failure and sickness be far from you in Jesus name. As the West is far from the East, so shall poverty and misfortune be far from you and your household in Jesus name. And as the walls surround Jerusalem, so shall God surround you with all the great treasures of life in Jesus name. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life in Jesus name. Have a joyful day
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on May 22, 2018
Amen and Amen. Wish you the same! Your labour of love shall be bounteously rewarded, In Jesus' Name!