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Title: Wanted: Freelance Writers For Amazon Gift Ideas Articles (N750 Naira Per Article
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Jul 06, 2015
Hi friends,

If you can write and you are interested in this, please apply. Its for a consulting job that we are working on and we are presently sourcing for freelance writers. In your application please specify that you are a member of NG2G Forum and include your forum username:

Our client is an online media company seeking passionate writers and experienced researchers to work on a freelance basis on a series of projects.

This is a long term project. We are developing content for many Amazon websites and if you are good you will get several more jobs like this. This is a freelance position and there is no fixed salary. You will be paid according to the articles completed. You can work from anywhere, your physical presence is not required but living close to Benin City, Edo State will be an advantage.

You will be required to write articles of between 1200 and 1500 words in batches of 5 or 10 and you will be paid N750 per article.


1. All the articles are about gift ideas primarily targeted at US Audiences. we will provide keywords that you will go to and search for. Keywords such as "gifts for new moms" or "gifts for one year old girls" in All Departments (Make sure Your Selection is on "ALL Departments" )

2. The Article should be between 1200 to 1500 words (We will pay N750 per article)

3. Articles should include a brief introductory paragraph and brief concluding paragraph (see sample links below)

4. Article must be original, not copied from elsewhere and must pass Premium CopyScape 90%-100 %

5. Select 10 to 15 nice, relevant Products from the search results to be used in the article. When you search on Amazon, Don't just take from the first page of the search results. If you scroll to the end of the list of search results you will see the page numbers for more products.

6. Do not select Products with specific years on them e.g a shirt for 20 year olds that says born in 1995 should not be used under Gifts for 20 year olds because the shirt will only be valid for 2015 and by 2016 such a shirt can no longer be said to be a gift for a 20 year old.

7. When selecting products, preference should be given to products with both high rating and having many people who have rated. Such products should come first before those products that have fewer people who have rated or nobody rated yet.

8. If you cannot find enough products from the Amazon search or you need more ideas, you can do a Google search to see what similar ideas other people have written. But whatever product you pick MUST BE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE on Amazon US website ( and you must provide a link to the product

9. Product must be Available on (US Store) and not Out of Order or Currently Unavailable

10. There should be a bias towards higher priced items but not to the detriment of 7 and 8 above

11. Do not include the price of the item in your article (some of the example links below include a specific price but please don't include a price in your own). Instead include the link to the product on Amazon.

12. We need VERY Informative, well researched and well thought out articles. You must be able to write in perfect English with proper punctuation and pluralization. Your article must be very smooth and easy to read. The article must be well researched and authoritative, with not one editing required. If your work is good, it will turn to a long term relationship.

13. You must meet the deadlines. Lateness will not be accepted. NO EXCUSES (If you need 5 days, for example, don't tell me you can do it in 3 days. I can work with you if you are realistic about your workload)

14. All articles should be written in excellent English, There should be no single grammatical mistake.

15. Only unique, original content will be accepted. Each article must pass CopyScape premium check 90% to 100%.

16. Each article must be proofread for spelling, errors, grammar and word count.

17. When applying, include at least 1 writing sample using the keyword "Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls" - see more on the section "HOW TO APPLY" below

Here are some sample links to the kind of articles we want. Please study them:

Do you know how to use Wordpress? If you can post the article on a Wordpress blog (with pictures, links and formatting according to our instructions) then you will get extra N150 for each article completed and posted on the Wordpress blog.

To apply, follow the steps below:

STEP 1. Read and digest the full instructions and guidelines given above for writing the type of articles that we want. Also visit the sample links given and Take your time to understand what is required.

STEP 2. Write a sample article for the keyword "Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls" using the instructions given above.

STEP 3. Download and fill the questionnaire at the following link:

STEP 4. Send your article in MS Word together with your filled questionnaire, application letter and CV (if you have one) to  tony @

STEP 5. Only shortlisted applications will be contacted.

DEADLINE: Friday 17th July 2015
Title: Re: Wanted: Freelance Writers For Amazon Gift Ideas Articles (N750 Naira Per Article
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Feb 10, 2019
Dear Administrator Tony, while browsing I came across this post from you a while back.

I am interested in opportunities like this. I noticed also that no-one responded to your post. However, i was yet to join this forum then.

Please contact me if there are such opportunities currently available as i can write very well and believe i can do justice to any researching and writing assignment.

Looking forward to your response.


Title: Re: Wanted: Freelance Writers For Amazon Gift Ideas Articles (N750 Naira Per Article
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Feb 11, 2019
Hello yemdollar, thanks for your interest. Though no one responded here we got some responses via private message. For now we don't have any writing opportunities but No worries, if any one comes up again we will let you know.

Meanwhile on the new MoneyMaker platform, we are planning a way to promote members who can provide these types of services on a freelance basis to other members of the community so if you are interested, send me (via Private Message) any samples of articles or links to articles that you have written. It can be any already existing articles you wrote before. Send 2 or more.