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Title: General questions
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Dec 26, 2017
Hi and Merry Xmas Everyone, am actually new here and I have tons of questions to ask. first, When I started reading the E-book i didn't understand anything in introduction to website design so I skipped it am now in building with WordPress, plugin installation precisely I know that I need to go back to it please any idea on how to understand it better secondly, most of the plugins that I installed are not showing I don't know why, does it have anything to do with me using my phone to practice, am using my phone because I don't have a laptop and I don't really have time to go to cyber Cafe. my webhost is Domainking does anybody know anything about Domainking if they are good. am really determined to make it through this study but am a novice and some of the words I see are foreign and confusing, there are some I will see my scatter and I will feel like giving up but am not going to give up please if there is any advice on how to go through this study I will really appreciate it. thanks
Title: Re: General questions
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Dec 31, 2017
Hello splendidv, Merry christmas and happy new year to you too.

The best advice for you is to take it slowly. If you try to move too fast you will end up confusing yourself even more. If there is any word or concept that you don't understand, instead of skip it, try to understand it by doing more research or reading it over several times if need be. The part you said you skipped contains information that will enable you to understand concepts in the later parts of the course. just make sure you read the ebooks one by one and in the order provided.

If you run into any challenge, come here and ask questions or search previously answered questions or even Google it to get more ideas.

Also When asking questions you need to try to be as specific as possible so that you will get faster and more relevant answers. And don't ask many questions in one post. Only ask many questions together if they are related to each other.

Please don't be discouraged because the start is usually the most challenging if it is your first time but once you understand what you are meant to be doing, it will become easier especially with practice.
Title: Re: General questions
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Jan 15, 2018
Hi,  thanks for your advice. my main purpose of buying the e-book is for blogging which I had wanted to start as soon as possible so should I stop it for now until I finished reading the e-book  according to the modules because you know the blogging lessons are still in the front, they came later. thanks.
Title: Re: General questions
Post by: [Not Shown, Login to View] on Jan 15, 2018
If you do not already known how to build websites focus on learning that first while reading other areas to understand what the whole thing is about. If you are in too much of a hurry you will make too many mistakes. So once again, while practicalising website design you can be reading the other e-books